14’ Skylark


This model with oars and square back can be fitted with a small electric motor. Graceful and elegant, wide and very stable with its three keels, the Skylark has three seats, two of which have different backrests. Despite its small size, it can comfortably seat three adults. It allows beautiful romantic hikes and is suitable for pleasure as well as for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. This cedar canoe impresses with its unbeatable presence, class and sumptuous shape. It will undoubtedly allow you to spend unforgettable moments. The interior parts are made of cherry wood while its gunwales are of ash. These wood species, paired with the red cedar of its hull and the white cedar of its skeleton, make it a canoe of incredible beauty. Unlike the other models, the benches are not braided with rawhide but are rather made of planks. The hull is covered with a fiberglass fabric and an epoxy coating, all coated with marine varnish with protection against ultraviolet rays.

Length: 14′ Weight: 90 lbs
Beam: 40″ Capacity: 850 lbs
13″ Material: Cedar

* This is an approximation. The actual weight may vary. The displayed weights of our canoes correspond to those of the base model, without considering any additional options.