14’ Raccoon


This square-backed model can be equipped with a small electric motor. Graceful and elegant, wide and very stable in addition to being equipped with three keels, the Raccoon is very popular with hunters, fishermans and expedition enthusiasts. It has a remarkable loading capacity and is easy to handle. You can also add a central seat to seat more passengers. This model is suitable for any type of user.

You can use about every electric motor with the Racoon. Although a few of our customers have used fuel motors between 4 to 8 hp, we do not recommend the use a fuel motor.

Available layups :

Specs table

Length: 14′ Capacity: 700 lbs
Beam: 40″ Hull Options: Carbon Fiber, Fibeglass
14″ Gunwale Options: Composite, PVC (with Fiberglass only)


Fiberglass / PVC : 72 – 76 lbs
Kevlar / Composite :
62 – 66 lbs

Available options :
Skid plates

Colors available